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We only purchase highly compliant, high volume traffic through a comprehensive vetting process approved by some of the largest buyers in the US for Medicare, Final Expense, ACA and much more!


We work with the top companies in the US who have access to a network of lawyers in the legal space. Together we have crafted a process that ensures all leads are unsolicited and come from high level direct interest opt-ins that want to learn more about their legal options.


We specialize in targeting the ideal consumer for a solar product. From zip code to income to archived intent. We ensure that our solar media buys can fit into any business model big or small!

Other Verticals

We operate across the entire lead generation space. With 10+ years of resources and a team of experts across the entire market we can acquire traffic in almost any space. Whether your interest is large volume or a boutique style product, we can help!

Rapid Pace

We understand that every minute wasted is money lost. Our team is trained to move very quickly and efficiently through initial talks, paperwork, setup and campaign roll-out to ensure we manage your finances as well as we manage our own.

Level of Care

We care about both our publishers and advertisers equally. Our team will dedicate their time to make micro-adjustments to ensure a campaigns success. From generating internal disposition reports to sharing daily quality feedback from our team, there will never be a day where you are caught off-guard.

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Why work with CallCore Media?

CallCore Media provides Direct to Consumer multi-level traffic acquisition across a large variety of verticals. We use in-depth quality focused multi-channel marketing efforts to accelerate consumer acquisition, connecting consumers with brands through highly targeted inbound calls, real time leads, warm transfers and much more!

Customer and Client Experiences

CallCore Media has been a longstanding, trusted, and reliable partner of DMS for many years. They have the knowledge and experience to deliver results in multiple verticals. They stand out in their ability to activate and scale campaigns with an effective team that has always been on the ball with their technical abilities, account management, and call center operations. Mostly importantly, they are highly available and communicative, offering a large support team for setup, optimization, and troubleshooting. I highly recommend Call Core Media as a premier partner.

Christopher Capazelli


We have been been working with CallCore Media since 2019. Since then they have shown tremendous attention to detail and have been a great partner to work with. Their team works at a pace second to none, they are guaranteed to be available when they are needed and more importantly they treat our team as if it is their own."

Jeremy Bradley


Callcore Media is one of the top networks to work with in this lead gen space, their team is phenomenal and their work is top notch. I highly recommend CallCore Media and we'll be doing business for years to come.

Ariel Tolome

Axad Capital

I have nothing but great things to say about CallCore. They are a fantastic company who always provides a great product with outstanding service. I highly recommend them if you are in need of high quality transfers.

Andre Humber

Innovation Direct

CallCore Media is one of the best publishers in the US market. The company is well known for its professionalism and work ethics. The entire team has extensive experience and is well-qualified. While the lead generation industry always works tremendously under pressure, CallCore Media gives its Advertisers time to perform. In addition, they have a legit payment system. As a whole, they are an excellent partner to work with. Thank you for including us on your Advertiser List.

Vijayraj M

Zealous Services

Working with CallCore Media is like learning daily new skill with the team. They are super experienced and know how to control the quality and improve the volume of calls so publishers can improve both volume and quality daily. And regarding the payment, Its always on time.

Sayeed Naveed

PPC Tesla

It has been a pleasure working with CallCore! Their calls have performed great and they are easy to work with.

Stacy Makin

Broker Calls

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