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Empowering people to motivate others and inspire greatness, one conversation at a time.

Professional employer recruiting services

We provide high quality employment leads and prospective employees

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Turn prospects into customers with a number of tailored marketing platforms

Campaign conception & management

We specialize in development, testing, implementation, and management of your projects

Custom Solutions

We understand that all businesses are not created equally, which is why we go the extra mile to meet your exact specifications

Technical Know How

We have the resources and technical know how needed to service your marketing needs​

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With over 50 combined years of experience and a proven track record we are sure to satisfy your needs

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About Us...

     Since 2012 CallCore Media inc. has been providing data driven media and marketing solutions to a varied host of Fortune 500 and pre - I.P.O. tech companies. Our diverse approach and innovative strategies, combined with world class staffing and training has made us a premiere contact center in the United States. Sought out by companies that are the standard bearers of their respective industries as well as start ups looking to make a mark. CallCore Media Inc. distinct approach has been the solution for many corporations looking to develop, grow and bring a concise message to their customers and clients.

     Starting out with only a handful of dedicated and tireless agents CallCore Media Inc. has morphed into the call center powerhouse it is today. With our dedicated agents and support staff CallCore Media Inc. continues its march toward the domination of the contact center industry. With the mind-set and devotion to put innovation at the forefront, CallCore Media Inc. continues to grow while still delivering the ideals, customer satisfaction and excellence that is our primary vision.

Meet the team.

Over 75 years of combined operational experience.

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“CallCore helps people throughout the U.S. find jobs in their local area and also opens the door for long term career goals by connecting them with schools that fit their needs. In short, We help people, and i've never found a job more rewarding than helping people. Good people to work with, drug free environment, games for cash spiff daily. Come be a part of this winning team!”

Clint L.

Employee - Callcore Media

“Callcore Media turns dreams in to reality. They help people all over the country find much needed employment, and better yet, help peoples dreams come true by helping find their life long careers! Its such a blessing to work at a place that helps people improve their lives, and all the management and coworkers are very friendly and helpful! Its a great place to work, and a product I can truly believe in!”

Derrick M.

Employee - Callcore Media

“I work here at call core media and i love it!. The managers are great.The work environment is amazing. And my coworkers have helped me so much. To all at call core media thanks you.”

Andrew E.

mployee - Callcore Media

“Call core has been a great place to work at. The people there inspire me to be a strong person and to seek my goals and my dreams.”

Bradley H.

Employee - Callcore Media

“I've never had a job where management cared so much that you were successful. Most call centers you either make it or your gone you know sink or swim. Not at call core they want you to be successful. They encourage and strengthen you so that you can touch these people in ways you couldn't have done on your own. The great part is, is that we are using the tools given to us to help others better their lives as well as our own. I'm so glad I found them, and even happier that they believe in me. For the first time in my life I can say I love my job.”

Sheila M.

Employee - Callcore Media

“Great Company! Clint works very hard to provide stability and security”

Michael M.

Employee - Callcore Media

“Great place that pointed me in the right employment as well as giving me information about where I can get an online degree while working full time!”

Sean B.

Employee - Callcore Media

“Great place to work with awesome opportunities for advancement. Clint Lee and his team really take good care of their people”

Jennifer P.

Employee - Callcore Media